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Warren Lyon

Warren Lyon joined the nuclear industry in 1956 after completing work on a Master’s Degree and while working on a PhD. He left a nuclear consulting/component manufacturing firm and joined the Atomic Energy Commission (now the NRC) in 1974. Principal activities at NRC have included management of RELAP 4 and RELAP 5 computer code development, management of the Semiscale loss‐of‐coolant accident test facility, senior technical participation in emergency response procedures guidelines that were developed following the Three Mile Island accident, principal author of GL 88‐17 that addressed shutdown operation, contributing author to NUREG‐1410 that addressed the Vogtle loss of all AC power during shutdown, participation in development of the first NRC shutdown operations PRA, participant in development of proposed shutdown rulemaking, principal author of GL 2008‐01 that addresses gas operability concerns during both power and shutdown operation, participant in approximately three dozen reactive inspections at nuclear power plants, and numerous reviews of licensee amendment requests.
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