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Boris Faybishenko

Dr. Faybishenko has conducted field site characterization, monitoring and modeling of coupled water, and gas flow and chemical transport (organics, radionuclides, and metals) in unsaturated (vadose zone) and saturated (groundwater) soils and fractured rock. This work is related to environmental protection, bioremediation, natural attenuation, and long-term monitoring at several organically and radioactively contaminated sites in the USA and in other countries, such as Ukraine, Russia, and Argentina. His research interests are related to the development of innovative in situ site characterization and monitoring tools, conceptual and numerical models, using methods of nonlinear dynamics, fuzzy systems and stochastic modeling of flow and reactive chemical transport of organics, radionuclides, and metals in unsaturated and saturated soils and fractured rock under present-day and future climatic conditions. Dr. Faybishenko has authored and co-authored about 60 peer-reviewed scientific papers, 11 books and book chapters, over 80 abstracts of scientific presentations, more than 50 reports, and 8 patents.

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