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Fernando Ferrante


  • Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University (2005) in Civil Engineering (thesis topic on probabilistic mechanics)
  • MS in Civil Engineering from University of Virginia (2000)
  • BS in Mechanical Engineering from University College London, England (1997)


Currently working as a Reliability and Risk Analyst with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (US NRC) in the application of probabilistic risk assessment (PRA) tools and models to the oversight of operating nuclear reactors in the US.

Primary focus is on quantitative risk assessments using the SAPHIRE software, as well as the development of PRA tools for use in analyzing so-called “external” events (e.g., internal fire, seismic and external flooding events).

Prior to joining the US NRC, worked as a Research Engineer at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) in the Center for Nuclear Waste Regulatory Analysis (CNWRA).

Responsibilities included prelicensing activities in support of the US NRC High-Level Waste program, development of risk-informed, performance-based regulatory guidance and performance assessment of a potential nuclear high-level waste repository.


Probabilistic Risk Assessment; External Events Analysis; Seismic PRA; Fire PRA; External Flooding; Uncertainty Analysis; Risk-Informed Regulation; Importance Measures; System Analysis for Nuclear Power Plants; Pressurized Water Reactor Technology; Boiling Water Reactor Technology; Bayesian Modeling; Monte Carlo Analysis; Common-Cause Failure; Human Reliability; Stochastic Processes; Micromechanics; Structural Reliability

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