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William Maher

Mr. Maher has been involved in the nuclear industry for more than 30 years.  He was enlisted, and then commissioned as an officer, in the submarine force of US Nuclear Navy.  He then received his Senior Reactor Operators license and was a Shift Supervisor at the Hope Creek facility for PSE&G while the unit was undergoing its final testing for construction and operation.  He was then involved in the renewal of the operating licenses of existing nuclear facilities as the industry began to capitalize on extending the operation of existing assets.  He became involved with the early testing of the new nuclear facility licensing process through the DOE-funded Early Site Permit process, working on the Clinton Early Site Permit for Exelon Corporation.  He then went on to help with the submittal of the Combined Operating License application for the South Texas Project.

Bill is a member of several industry organizations including NEI New Plant Working and Oversight Groups, INPO New Plant Development Executive Group, and EPRI’s Advanced Nuclear Technology Committee.

Bill is Chairman of APOG, an industry group formed to collaborate and develop generic products for AP1000 new nuclear projects and was a member of the NuStart Energy Management Committee.

Bill is currently leading Florida Power and Light’s COL effort for Turkey Point Units 6 & 7.

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