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Gary Holahan

Mr. Holahan has served as the Deputy Director for the Office of New Reactors since 2006.  He previously served as the Associate Director for Risk Assessment and New Projects in the Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation and as the NRC Chairman’s Executive Assistant for reactor and research programs from 2003 to 2005.  He has served in a number of technical and management positions at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission including nine years as the Director of the NRR Division of Systems Safety and Analysis.

Mr. Holahan’s assignments at the NRC have included:

  • The TMI Lessons Learned Task Force (1979)
  • The Post 9/11 Security Advisories and Orders (e.g. B5b mitigation strategies) (2001)
  • The US - Canada Blackout Report (2005)
  • The Fukushima Lessons Learned Task Force (2011)
  • CNRS Senior Task Group on Defense-in-Depth

Before joining the NRC, Mr. Holahan spent five years in the Nuclear Safety Department at Combustion Engineering.  Mr. Holahan received a BS degree in Physics from Manhattan College and an MS degree in Nuclear Engineering from the Catholic University of America.

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