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Pedro Salas

Pedro Salas joined AREVA in May 2006. Mr. Salas holds Master of Engineering and Bachelor of Science degrees in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Florida. Pedro has acquired 29 years of management and engineering experience in the United States nuclear industry.

Mr. Salas began his career in 1982 as a engineer for Carolina Power & Light Company during the initial construction and licensing of the Shearon Harris Nuclear Power Plant.   In 1989, Pedro joined the Tennesse Valley Authority as the Regulatory Compliance manager for the restart of the Browns Ferry Nuclear Power Plant Unit 2.  He was later 

promoted to the stations Licensing and Industry Affairs Manager.  In that capacity, he managed all licensing activities for the restart of Unit 3, while supporting effective operation of Unit 2.  Pedro received a Senior Reactor Operator Certification in May 1993.

In 1996, Pedro was appointed the TVA’s Corporate Licensing Manager.  In 1997, he was appointed the Sequoyah Nuclear Power Plant Licensing and Industry Affairs Manager.  Pedro was part of the team that helped Sequoyah succesfully improve to INPO 1 performance.

In 2004, Pedro joined Exelon as the Dresden Regulatory Affairs Manager.  In 2006, he joined AREVA NP Inc. as a Technical Consultant in the development of the U.S EPR Design Certification and in the support of customer Combined License Applications.  He has served as Licensing & Regulatory Affairs Director of AREVA Inc. since January 2011.

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