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Bismark Tyobeka

Dr. Bismark Tyobeka started his nuclear career 14 years ago as a reactor physicist at Eskom Enterprises, the South African Electricity Utility Company, before moving on to the roles of Senior Physicist at ESKOM; Chief Nuclear Engineering Analyst at PBMR Pty Ltd; and Nuclear Engineer and Unit Head: Gas-Cooled Reactors at the Internatioanl Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna, Austria.  During his tenure at the IAEA, Dr. Tyobeka was also involved in the IAEA team that advises Member States in the development of new nuclear power programs.  He was involved with countries in Africa, Southeast Asia, Europe, and Latin America.  He has also been a visiting Scholar at the Nuclear Research and Consultancy Group (Netherlands) and an International Research Associate (Idaho National Laboratory, USA).  Dr. Tyobeka has published more than 15 journal papers in peer reviewed international journals on the topics of nuclear energy, nuclear science, and engineering.  He has also presented papers in more than 50 international conferences, mostly as an invited speaker, session organizer, or chairperson.  Dr. Tyobeka is also the current Deputy-Chair of the Regulatory Cooperation Forum (IAEA), an international forum of regulators.  He is also a member of the IAEA’s Technical Working Group on Nuclear Knowledge Management.

He holds a Masters degree and PhD in engineering from Pennsylvania State University, USA; a Masters degree in Applied Radiation Science and Technology from North-West University, South Africa; a Masters degree in Management, specializing in Project Management, from Colorado Technical University, USA; and a Bachelor’s degree in Physics and Chemistry from North-West University, South Africa.

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