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Tom Brookmire

Mr. Brookmire has over 30 years of experience related to the procurement, design, fabrication, operation, analysis, testing, storage (wet and dry), and transportation of nuclear fuel.  He also has significant experience with criticality and shielding analyses of dry storage systems and utility fuel storage installations.

As a college student, he worked for the NRC in Bethesda, MD evaluating characteristics (such as fission gas release models, fission product swelling, and UO2 thermal conductivity) of vendor fuel performance topical reports.  Upon graduating from college, he has worked for Dominion (Virginia Electric and Power Company) in Richmond, VA.  There, he started in the Operations Department responsible for low power physics testing, in-reactor fuel performance, and managing/conducting numerous pool-side fuel post-irradiation examinations.  He also participated in an extensive fuel shipping campaign delivering 69 irradiated PWR fuel assemblies from Surry Power Station to the Idaho National Laboratory (via TN-8L cask) in support of a first-of-a-kind dry cask storage demonstration project.

He later became fleet supervisor for Dominion’s Nuclear Spent Fuel group overseeing the dry storage projects at Dominion’s independent spent fuel storage installations (ISFSIs) at Surry, North Anna, Millstone, and Kewaunee.  During this time, Millstone and Kewaunee developed their dry storage installations, and Surry and North Anna transitioned from using vertical heavy-walled bolted casks for dry storage to the Transnuclear NUHOMS HD storage systems.

Mr. Brookmire is now supervisor of Nuclear Fuel Procurement responsible for procuring uranium, conversion, enrichment, and fabrication services for Dominion’s fleet.

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