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T6   Treatment of Uncertainty in Risk-Informed Decisionmaking

There is a significant interest in the need to more effectively achieve the benefits of risk-informing activities for regulatory decisionmaking.  Based on this interest, this session will discuss recent efforts regarding the consideration of uncertainties in current risk-informed applications using probabilistic risk assessments (PRAs) and their role in decisionmaking.  The focus will be on insights from the identification of specific challenges, the evaluation of current approaches, and proposed or potential enhancements to these approaches.  Perspectives from the NRC, the U.S. nuclear industry, and other organizations will be presented.  These will include a discussion of the next revision of NUREG-1855, “Guidance on the Treatment of Uncertainties Associated with PRAs in Risk-Informed Decision Making.”




  • Doug Copeland, Reliability and Risk Analyst, Division of Risk Assessment, NRR/NRC tel: 301-415-1246, e-mail: Douglas.Copeland@nrc.gov
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