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TH34  Long-Term Performance of Cast Austenitic Stainless Steel Reactor Internal Components

The cast austenitic stainless steels are a class of materials with characteristic microstructures that could potentially change in components used in reactor internals during the reactor operation because of environmental effects. Researchers worldwide have accumulated considerable information with respect to properties, such as tensile strength and elongation, fracture toughness and microstructural changes as a result of irradiation and exposure to temperature under load for long duration, prototypical of reactor operation.  In this session, the panel will provide technical insight on current research status, known mechanisms of observed degradation, and potential technical issues in understanding long term performance of cast austenitic stainless steel reactor internal components.




  • Makuteswara Srinivasan, Senior Materials Engineer, Division of Engineering, RES/NRC tel: 301-251-7630, e-mail: Makuteswara.Srinivasan@nrc.gov
  • Mica Baquera, Materials Engineer, Division of Engineering, RES/NRC tel: 301-251-7565, e-mail: Mica.Baquera@nrc.gov
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