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T10  The Baseline Security and Force-on-Force Inspection Programs

The panelists will discuss the path forward on the baseline security and force-on-force inspection programs, to include the lessons-learned review conducted in response to the Staff Requirements Memorandum, “Proposed Options to Address Lessons-Learned Review of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Force-on-Force Inspection Program in Response to Staff Requirements Memorandum―COMGEA/COMWCO 14 0001.”

The panelists will discuss the staff commitments in SECY 14 0088 (including alternative evaluation mechanisms for potential vulnerabilities, the physical protection significance determination process, and initiatives on controller and adversary proficiency and training) as well as any Commission-directed activities in response to the SECY paper.  The panelists will focus on the interrelationship between the Baseline Security Inspection Program and the Force-on-Force program and the anticipated impacts that the lessons-learned initiative will have on each.




  • Melissa Ralph, Technical Assistant, Division of Security Operations, NSIR/NRC tel: 301-287-3678, e-mail: Melissa.Ralph@nrc.gov
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