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Bob Hirmanpour

Mr. Bob Hirmanpour has over 30 years of experience in nuclear industry.  He started his career as a young Instrumentation and Controls (I&C) engineer with Bechtel during the construction and startup of Palo Verde Units 1, 2 & 3 and San Onofre Units 2 &3. Since his departure from Bechtel, he has provided consulting services in the areas of regulatory affairs, engineering, maintenance, process improvement, project management, new plants licensing (part 52) and digital I&C.  Mr. Hirmanpour is one of the experts in the field of digital system licensing and has managed a number of digital safety systems upgrades.  He has been a vital part of AP1000 I&C certification and obtaining AP1000 Combined Licenses.  He is currently providing project management and regulatory interface for  Digital Systems, Human Factors and Plant Reference Simulator at Vogtle 3 & 4.
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