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William J. Catullo Jr.

William Catullo is a Fellow Engineer at Westinghouse and has worked in the Nuclear Industry for over 33 years, mainly in the Electrical and Instrumentation & Control area including:

  • Control Board Design and Human Systems Interface improvements
  • Electrical Power Systems
  • Steam Generator Sleeving Information Systems
  • Design and Implementation of Process Control and Safety Systems
  • Safety Parameter Display Systems
  • Advanced Digital Feedwater and NSSS Control Upgrades
  • Systems Engineering and Functional Design
  • Regulatory Compliance and Plant Licensing

In the mid to late 1990’s, Mr. Catullo was involved in the Westinghouse Owners Group Trip and Reduction and Assessment Program (WOG-TRAP), which led to the highly successful  installation of the first Advanced Digital Feedwater Control Systems at the Prairie Island Generating Station (with subsequent installations at Diablo Canyon, Robert E. Ginna, Catawba, and at ASCO in Spain).

From 2000 to 2005 while at Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory, Mr. Catullo was instrumental in the design and first deployment of the Generic I&C Systems on the CVN71 (Theodore Roosevelt).  During this program, he was first elected to the position of Fellow.  Eager to participate in the Nuclear Power Renaissance, Mr. Catullo rejoined Westinghouse in January of 2006.

He has been awarded several U.S. Patents and has published several papers at Industry Conferences and in International Journals. Mr. Catullo is currently a Fellow Engineer at Westinghouse Electric Company, working in the Safety Analysis & Licensing/Regulatory Compliance organization.

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