United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission - Protecting People and the Environment

Richard Conatser

Richard Conaster has over 34 years of experience in radioactive effluents, radiological environmental monitoring, radiochemistry, and health physics.  Richard joined the NRC as a Health Physicist in 2008, and works at the NRC Headquarters Offices in Washington DC.  For the last 5 years Richard has provided oversight in the area of radioactive effluents and radiological environmental monitoring with particular emphasis on radioactive spills and leaks to the environment.

Prior to joining the NRC, Richard worked at several commercial nuclear power plants including Arkansas Nuclear One, Waterford 3, River Bend, San Onofre, Columbia, Comanche Peak, Limerick, and Calvert Cliffs. In that capacity, he designed a groundwater monitoring program for a commercial nuclear power plant, established a protocol for analysis of tritium in soil, and has responded to several incidents involving radioactive materials spilled or leaked to the environment.

Mr. Conaster earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry in 1979.

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