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Michael Case

Mr. Case serves as the Director of the Division of Engineering in the Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).  He manages a diverse of set of research programs affecting the safety of the nation’s nuclear power plants.  These programs include a broad range of disciplines such as reactor materials engineering, seismic safety, digital instrumentation, electrical power systems, and building structural response.  He leads a program revitalizing the agency’s regulatory guidance and serves as the agency’s consensus standards executive.
In 2001, Mr. Case began his career in the Senior Executive Service after 12 years with NRC.  As Director of the program management staff in the Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation (NRR), Mr. Case managed strategic and programmatic planning, resource forecasting and allocation, and budgeting for the largest office and program in the agency.  He also provided the office oversight and support in the areas of information technology, information management, human capital operations management and hiring, organizational improvement, and work planning activities.

Subsequently, Mr. Case played a key technical and programmatic role in the safety regulation of the Nation’s nuclear reactors.  He served as the Deputy, then Director of the Division of Inspection and Regional Support.  In this role, Mr. Case was responsible for developing policy and providing overall program management for the reactor inspection and performance assessment programs for commercial nuclear power plants.  He oversaw the Reactor Operating Experience Program and developed the policies and guidance to implement the national program for the licensing of nuclear reactor operators.  He also led the Division of Policy and Rulemaking, where he managed a diverse set of programs including rulemaking, generic issue resolution, decommissioning financial assurance, and safety of the Nation’s fleet of test and research reactors.

Prior to his NRC experience, Mr. Case worked for eight years at a commercial nuclear power plant, including being licensed as a Senior Reactor Operator.  Mr. Case also served in the United States Navy’s nuclear power program.

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