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Richard Rasmussen

Richard Rasmussen is the Chief of the Electrical Vendor Inspection Branch, within the NRC’s Office of New Reactors.  Mr. Rasmussen has worked in new reactors since the formation of the office in 2007, and has worked for the NRC since 1993.  During his time with the NRC he has held a number of positions including resident and senior resident inspector at Indian Point, Maine Yankee and Fitzpatrick, reactor analyst specializing in probabilistic risk assessments, security specialist tasked with revising the power reactor security requirements following 9/11, and policy advisor to former Commissioner Lyons.  Mr. Rasmussen also worked for the Department of the Navy as a Submarine Test Engineer at Pearl Harbor and for Northrop Corporation as a Flight Test Engineer on the B2 Bomber program.  Mr. Rasmussen holds a Mechanical Engineering Degree from California State University at Fresno.
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