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Robert Orlikowski

Robert (Bob) Orlikowski joined the NRC in 2003 as the resident Inspector at the Monticello Nuclear Generating Plant in Region III.  As a Resident Inspector Bob conducted baseline inspections.  He also was a team member for the license renewal inspection at the D.C. Cook Nuclear Plant.

In 2006 Bob was assigned as the Senior Resident Inspector at the Duane Arnold Energy Center.  As the Senior Resident Inspector he was responsible for overseeing the completion of the baseline inspection program as well as monitoring and evaluating the licensee’s performance.  In 2007 Bob was assigned as the team lead for a 95002 inspection at the Kewaunee Nuclear Plant. 

In 2010 Bob was assigned as the Project Engineer for Branch 1 in the Division of Reactor Projects in Region III.  In addition to routine baseline inspection activities at several nuclear plants, Mr. Orlikowski was the team lead for a 95002 inspection at the Palisades Nuclear Generating Station and also led the initial phase of a 95003 team inspection at the Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant.

In 2013 Mr. Orlikowski was promoted to the Chief of Materials Control, ISFSI, and Decommissioning in Region III.  Mr. Orlikowski currently has oversight responsibility for the Kewaunee Power Station.

Mr. Orlikowski graduated in 1997 with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin at Madison.  After graduating, Bob worked for the Bettis Atomic Laboratory in Orlando, FL and Charleston, SC.  Bob completed the Navy’s Nuclear Power School program and qualified as Engineering Officer of the Watch and Engineer at the Moored Training Ship in Charleston, SC.  While with the Bettis Atomic Laboratory, Mr. Orlikowski had many responsibilities centered around instructing Navy Sailors how to safely operate the Navy’s nuclear propulsion plants.

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