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Frank J. Schaaf, Jr.

Mr. Schaaf's career foundation is based on the US Naval Nuclear Power Program as a plant operator.  After receiving a degree in Mechanical Engineering, he returned to the naval nuclear program qualifying as a Shift Test Engineer.  He moved to the nuclear utility industry working on two Boiling Water Reactor, Recirculation Pipe Replacements.  He has specialized in the modification, repair and maintenance of the nuclear pressure boundary.  This work has been the foundation of his work with the ASME Boiler and Pressure Code.  He has served on the Main Committee for 15 years (now the Technical Oversight and Management Committee (TOMC)) and active within Section XI, Inservice Inspection of Nuclear Power Plants for over 25 years.  He has taught many small class seminars on topics related to his Code activities.  Recently retired, he has formed his own company Sterling Refrigeration Corp.  As a hands-on engineer, he now serves as a consultant to the nuclear industry.
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