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Martin A. Zimmermann

Martin A. Zimmermann graduated from the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETHZ, Switzerland) with a diploma in Experimental Physics and joined PSI in 1980. He has accumulated 30+ years of experience in the fields of system analysis, core analysis and fuel modeling for LWRs and also held the respective group leader positions in sequence. In 2008, he became Acting Head of the Laboratory for Reactor Physics and Systems Behaviour. From December 2012, he became Deputy Head of the Nuclear Energy and Safety Department mainly engaged in developing a new department strategy that addresses the new challenges from the political decision to phase-out nuclear energy in Switzerland. As of August 2013, he is Acting Head of the Nuclear Energy and Safety Department.

At the international level, he served on several committees and is currently a member of NEA/CSNI and the “Comité de Visite” of the French IRSN. He led the CSNI task group on Safety Margin Assessment and Application (SM2A). For the European NURISP project, he was coordinator of the Multi-physics subproject. He was also involved in several missions for IAEA, mainly as lecturer.

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