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TH31  Future Vision of Spent Fuel Storage—Back-End Friendly Fuel Designs and Holistic Safety Security Interface

Safe and secure spent fuel storage can be enhanced through storage-friendly fuel designs and a holistic analysis and application of appropriate security measures from the front end through the back end of the fuel cycle. This session will explore how fuel design characteristics can be optimized to make fuel more storage-friendly from the perspective of protecting public health and safety. It will also discuss industry and agency perspectives regarding a holistic analysis of safety and security of spent fuel storage in a pool during plant operation and decommissioning through the transition to dry cask storage at a site, along with the determination and implementation of appropriate security requirements.




  • Haile Lindsay, Thermal Engineer, Division of Spent Fuel Storage and Transportation, NMSS/NRC tel: 301-287-0665, e-mail: Haile.Lindsay@nrc.gov
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