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TH27  Safety Critical Software – International Perspectives

Software is now extensively used throughout nuclear power plants, but the development and regulatory review of safety-critical software remains a major stumbling block for many reactor upgrades and new reactor projects. Several regulatory review experts in Western Europe, who had also experienced these difficulties, formed a regulators’ task force on safety-critical software for nuclear reactors to avoid such issues in the future. This session brings the benefit of this international experience to the RIC 2014 audience. The panel will discuss why this area has been such a challenge and how they have attacked the problem. The audience will be able to better understand the reasons that software safety reviews are such a challenging part of reactor safety evaluations and what is being done to improve this situation.



  • Introductory Remarks
    Steven Arndt, Senior Technical Advisor for Digital I&C, Division of Engineering, NRR/NRC
  • A Regulator Task Force on Safety Critical Software for Nuclear Reactors
    Pierre-Jacques Courtois, Senior Expert, Digital I&C, Bel V, Federal Agency for Nuclear Control Subsidiary, Belgium
  • The Regulator Task Force on Safety-Critical Software for Nuclear Reactors
    Mark Bowell, HM Inspector, Office for Nuclear Regulation, United Kingdom
  • Software Qualification Activities for Nuclear Safety-Critical Software
    Gee-Yong Park, Principal Researcher, Department of I&C and Human Factors, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Korea


  • Michael Waterman, Senior Instrumentation and Controls Engineer, Division of Engineering, RES/NRC tel: 301-251-7451, e-mail: Michael.Waterman@nrc.gov
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