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W22  Regional Session – Contemporary Nuclear Power Plant/Regulatory Issues

This session features open discussions between the Regional Administrators of each of the four NRC regions and senior nuclear industry executives. This session will cover contemporary issues involving nuclear power plant operation and regulation across the US.



  • William Dean, Regional Administrator, Region I, NRC
  • Victor McCree, Regional Administrator, Region II, NRC
  • Cindy Pederson, Regional Administrator, Region III, NRC
  • Marc Dapas, Regional Administrator, Region IV, NRC
  • Maria G. Korsnick, Chief Nuclear Officer and Chief Operating Officer, Constellation Nuclear Energy Group, LLC
  • Danny G. Bost, Executive Vice President and Chief Nuclear Officer, Southern Nuclear Operating Company, Inc.


  • Geoffrey Miller, Branch Chief, Division of Reactor Safety, Region IV, NRC, tel: 817-200-1137, e-mail: Geoffrey.Miller@nrc.gov
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