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T9  Medical Radioisotope Production: U.S. Efforts to Establish a Reliable Domestic Supply of Molybdenum-99

Discussions will answer the question: “Why is the production of molybdenum-99 (99Mo) a matter of national concern, and how is the United States addressing this important issue?” Extended shutdowns of aging international reactors have disrupted domestic supplies of 99Mo, whose daughter product, technetium-99m, is used in approximately 50,000 medical imaging procedures daily in the United States. In response to the interruption of international 99Mo supplies, the NRC has received eight letters of intent from potential applicants interested in producing 99Mo in the United States. The technologies proposed have ranged from transmutation in non-power reactors to accelerator driven sub critical solution tanks.

Panelists will discuss their roles in implementing the national policy objective to establish a reliable domestic supply of this valuable medical radioisotope. Specifically, panelists will cover the current and projected international 99Mo supply chain and the U.S. Department of Energy’s cooperative agreement program with potential 99Mo producers. Additional presentations will introduce the technologies proposed by potential producers and the 99Mo radiopharmaceutical approval process. NRC staff will also discuss the construction permit and operating license review process for radioisotope production facilities, including the status of preparations for current and anticipated reviews.




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