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Jens G. Munthe Andersen

Dr.  Jens Andersen is Chief Consulting Engineer - BWR Thermal Hydraulics with GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy. 

Dr. Andersen graduated from the Technical University of Denmark with a M. S. in Nuclear Engineering (1971) and a Ph. D. in Nuclear Engineering (1974).  He worked for Risø National Laboratory in Denmark form 1974 to 1978 and joined GE Nuclear Energy in 1978 as a senior engineer. 

During this time with GE Dr. Andersen has held numerous technical positions.  His primarily responsibility has been to lead the development of advanced thermal hydraulic methods for BWR transient and safety analysis.  The primary accomplishment has been the development of the TRACG computer program which is a best estimate computer program coupled with a statistical application methodology following the USNRC CSAU methodology.  TRACG has been approved by USNRC for application to BWR or ESBWR transient, stability, LOCA and ATWS applications.  In 2008 Dr. Andersen became Chief Consulting Engineer – BWR Thermal Hydraulics. 

Dr. Andersen holds several patents and has coauthored over thirty conference presentations

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