United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission - Protecting People and the Environment

Michael Callahan

Mike Callahan brings his expertise to intergovernmental relations, appropriations, infrastructure security issues, trade and nuclear safety for a wide variety of clients and issues.

Prior to initiating his own public affairs consulting business, he led Congressional Liaison efforts of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission successfully articulating the agency's programs and decisions during a long period of contentiousness and impassioned debate. He participated in official missions to South America, Asia, Europe, and the emerging democracies of the former Soviet Union in direct support of then NRC Chairman Ivan Selin.

His early assignments in NRC included managing headquarters personnel activities. He joined the staff of then-Commissioner Lando Zech in early 1986 and then counseled Chairman Zech on sensitive matters relating to internal investigations, public affairs, congressional affairs, management and personnel.

Prior to joining NRC, Callahan worked in evaluating major components of the nation's reserve forces while at the National Guard Bureau.

Since establishing his practice in 1999, Mike has worked on new reactor licensing issues, radiation detection authorization and appropriation issues, nuclear security and nuclear waste issues especially on behalf of the Decommissioning Plant Coalition, license renewal, and the matters requiring attention in support of new nuclear construction.

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