United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission - Protecting People and the Environment

Nilesh Chokshi

Currently, Dr. Nilesh Chokshi is Deputy Director, Division of Site and Environmental Reviews in the Office of New Reactors. During his 33 years at the NRC, Dr. Chokshi has managed several research and regulatory areas including seismic and structural engineering, materials engineering, operating experience risk analysis, and radiation protection. He has also been extensively involved in the area of probabilistic risk assessment, particularly in the development of external event methodology and the standard. Dr. Chokshi has been Vice-Chairman of Board of Directors of ASME Codes and Standards Technology Institute; past Chairman of CSNI Working Group on Integrity and Aging of Components and Structures; he is a member of Advisory Board of International Association of Structural Mechanics in Reactor Technology (IASMiRT); and was Chairman of International Scientific Committee of 16th SMiRT Conference. Prior to joining the NRC, Dr. Chokshi worked at an architectural/engineering firm involved in designs of nuclear power plants. Dr. Chokshi obtained his Ph. D. in the field of civil engineering (with specialization in structural engineering) from Rice University and Master’s degree from University of Michigan.

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