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Robert Einziger

Dr. Einziger is a Senior Material Scientist in the Structural, Mechanics, and Materials Branch of the Spent Fuel Storage and Transportation Division of NMSS at the U.S. NRC.  He is responsible for the evaluation and guidance on fuel performance during storage and transportation.  In that role, he has authored Internal Staff Guidance, ISG-22 and ISG-1, Rev. 2, on damaged fuel.  Currently he is working on the technical issues associated with Extended Storage and Transportation and is particularly interested in a high burnup demonstration program.  In addition, he has chaired or participated on a number of IAEA Consultancies, including SPAR-III and the EST Cooperative Research Program.

Prior to joining the NRC he was a manager at the Materials Performance Department in the Chemical Technology Division at Argonne National Laboratory, and a manager of the Materials Application Section at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.  In these positions he guided work in fracture and hot cell facilities at both ANL and PNNL.  Dr. Einziger has worked on fuel and cladding issues related to spent fuel storage and transportation since 1979.  His research interests are spent fuel oxidation, whole rod behavior, and source term development.  He is a Fellow of the ANS, and recipient of the ANS Mishma Award for contributions to nuclear fuels development.  Dr. Einziger has a B.S. in Physics from Georgia Tech., and a Ph.D. in Solid-State Physics from Rensselaer.

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