United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission - Protecting People and the Environment

James Kennedy

Mr. Kennedy is a senior project manager in NRC's Division of Waste Management and Environmental Protection, and is NRC's staff lead for the Concentration Averaging BTP revisions.  He was also the staff lead for the LLW blending issue, which is a part of these revisions. He has worked in all four NRC radioactive waste programs over the past 25+ yearsB low-level radioactive waste, the high level waste repository, decommissioning, and uranium mill tailings, but most of his time has been in the LLW program, beginning in 1990.  He joined the agency in 1980, working as a technical reviewer for the licensing of nuclear power reactors.  Prior to 1980, he was employed for a dozen years in the aerospace and scientific and medical products industries as a materials engineer and in several management positions.  He earned a degree in Materials Science from Cornell University in 1968.

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