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Hironori Peterson

Mr. Hironori Peterson is the Operations Branch Chief for NRC Region 3, located in Lisle, IL near Chicago.  His Branch is responsible for the overall oversight and implementation of the NRC Operator Licensing programs for all Midwestern Nuclear Plants. This includes the administration of initial operator license examinations and inspection activities of the facilities’ licensed operator requalification training programs.  As the Operations Branch Chief, Mr. Peterson was also responsible for approximately 4 years the Emergency Preparedness program in Region 3.  Specific areas associated with these programs included oversight of the implementation and effectiveness of licensed operator training and plant operations which focuses on Emergency Operating Procedures, Emergency Preparedness, B.5.b beyond design basis capabilities and procedures, hostile action based EP response capabilities, and Significant Accident Management Guideline (SAMG) implementation.

Mr. Peterson graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in Nuclear Engineering.  He has 33 years of combined nuclear related experience with the U.S. Navy (Officer in the Nuclear Submarine Force), Westinghouse Electric Corporation Zion Training Center, and with the NRC.  His extensive knowledge and experience include plant operations and qualifications of licensed reactor and senior reactor operator (SRO) within the NRC as an operator licensing examiner and with Westinghouse as a certified SRO and as an instructor.  His broad NRC inspection experience includes engineering, operations, and emergency preparedness as a resident inspector, senior resident inspector, reactor engineer, and as an emergency preparedness analyst/inspector.

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