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Ray Landis

Ray Landis is a Senior Project Manager within the Generation Division at the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI), the organization responsible for establishing unified policy on matters affecting the nuclear energy industry. He is an Exelon employee on his second loanee assignment to the NEI.

He has over 30 years’ experience in the nuclear power industry where his responsibilities have run the gamut of nuclear plant construction, plant operations, and governance and oversight of both security and plant operations at the fleet level. His background includes experience in fleet security operations, fleet plant operations, performance improvement strategies, outage reduction strategies, project management, information systems design, equipment tag-out system design, procedure human factors improvement, and surveillance testing design, improvement, and reduction strategies.  He has been with NEI as a loanee since June of 2011 and previously served as loanee throughout 2005 – 2007. In his earlier tenure at NEI he served as the primary industry liaison to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) led Comprehensive Review (CR) of security and emergency response organization response to a beyond design basis assault. Currently he has oversight of the NEI Security Working Group sponsored Safeguards Information (SGI) Task Force (TF), the Security Standards TF (SSTF), the Safety Security Interface TF (SSITF), and the New Technology TF (NTTF). Ray also serves as the primary industry liaison to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) led effort to develop and assess Integrated Response Planning (IRP) at each of the nation’s operating nuclear reactor sites.

Mr. Landis is a graduate of Eastern University with a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management.

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