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Rick Hohendorf

Richard John (Rick) Hohendorf, B.A.Sc (Electrical Engineering), M.A.Sc (Electrical Engineering), MBA, P.Eng.

Senior Manager, Computers and Control Design, Nuclear Engineering, Ontario Power Generation

Employed at Ontario Hydro/Ontario Power Generation for the past 37 years, holding management positions in several areas of nuclear engineering including I&C, Electrical, Environmental Qualification, and Design Basis Management.

Rick led the team that developed the software for the first fully digital reactor trip systems (SDS1 and SDS2) implemented at Darlington in the late 1980s and the team that produced the safety-critical software engineering program, processes, and procedures which were instrumental in licensing these reactor shutdown systems.

Currently, Rick manages a Department of 80 engineers responsible for the real-time process control computer systems installed at the Darlington and Pickering nuclear stations.  These include the reactor control computers, main control room annunciation and displays, the plant information system, fuel handling computers and various process and equipment monitoring computer systems such as generator temperature monitoring, chemistry monitoring and environmental monitoring.  Included are responsibilities for operational performance and aging management.  Other responsibilities include system responsibilities for site security systems at both sites, security system aging management, and the cyber security program, the human factors engineering program, the work protection system and the real-time software program applicable to both Darlington and Pickering.  Exercise of these responsibilities includes management of about 20 projects at any given time, ranging in value from $.5M to $50M each.

• Past Consultant to the International Atomic Energy Agency on Software Important to Safety in Nuclear Power Plants.

• Past Canadian Standards Association Committee member on Safety Critical Software (Q396 series of Standards).

• Founding member of the Ontario Hydro/Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) Software Engineering Standards (OASES) Centre of Excellence.

• Founding member of the CANDU Owners Group (COG) Plant Computer Working Group.

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