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T8 Status and Path Forward on the Management of Gas Accumulation in Nuclear Power Plant Systems

This session will focus on both completed and planned future actions related to gas accumulation and management in nuclear power plant systems by both industry and NRC. This session will include a status update on NEI 09-10 Rev 1, “Guidelines for Effective Prevention and Management of System Gas Accumulation” and overview of the joint industry Pump Roadmap Project, a status update and overview of TSTF 523 Rev 1, “Generic Letter 2008-01, Managing Gas Accumulation,” and discussion of gas accumulation and management inspection issues. Time will be available to ask questions of all panel members. The goals for this session are to provide the status of various actions by both NRC and industry related to gas accumulation and management and to create awareness of the technical issues and possible solutions associated with gas accumulation and management.


  • Jack Davis, Deputy Director, Division of Safety Systems, NRR/NRC



  • Jennifer Gall, Reactor Systems Engineer, Division of Safety Systems, NRR/NRC tel: 301-415-3256, e-mail: Jennifer.Gall@nrc.gov
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