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TH36 The NRC’s Safety Culture Policy Statement–Domestic and International Initiatives

The NRC Safety Culture Policy Statement (policy statement or SCPS) was published on June 14, 2011.  This policy statement provides the Commission’s expectations that the regulated community will establish and maintain a positive safety culture.  At this time, the Commission has tasked the NRC staff to provide outreach and education to advance this initiative.  This outreach and education has involved both national stakeholders and the international community, including NRC’s participation on several International Atomic Energy Agency working groups developing technical documents addressing safety culture and the NRC’s analysis of the Fukushima event which focuses, in part, on the impact that safety culture had on the outcome of that event. 

The Office of Enforcement will begin the session by providing a brief discussion of the most recent NRC activities and initiatives related to the SCPS.  This will include OE’s use of case studies that illustrate how a strong or weak safety culture has played an important role in events in different industries.

The Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation will provide a brief discussion on the activities we have engaged in over the last year regarding the Common Language initiative.  This will be followed by comments from the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO) which has been working to develop the traits that are included in the policy statement. 

 Nuclear Fuel Services, Inc. will discuss the actions they have taken to strengthen their safety culture in response to the SCPS.

Idaho National Laboratory will compare and contrast safety culture implementation at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Category 1, 2, and 3 nuclear facilities, and the influence of the NRC's safety culture policy efforts and industry collaboration on the evaluation and awareness of safety culture at contractor-operated DOE nuclear facilities.

The Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research and INPO will discuss recent research and international activities involving safety culture. The influence of NRC safety culture activities will be addressed.




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