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TH34 Guidance Enhancement to Address Lessons Learned in Review of Civil Structures for New Reactors

During the 2012 Regulatory Information Conference (RIC), a panel of staff and applicants discussed lessons learned from application reviews in seismic and civil structural designs. The discussion identified many successes, such as completion of design certification (DC) and combined license application (COLA) reviews such as AP1000, economic simplified boiling‑water reactor (ESBWR), and Vogtle and Summer. The panel also identified specific lessons learned and technical challenges that both staff and applicants encountered during the review process. It was expected that a lessons learned activity to improve review guidance would further facilitate and benefit the review of future applications. Therefore, this session will cover activities the staff has undertaken to address key lessons learned with respect to challenges in seismic analyses, structural designs, and other technical issues, and discuss specific guidance improvements implemented to date. Panelists will include representatives from the NRC staff, industry, and national labs, who will share their perspectives on proposed Standard Review Plan (SRP) enhancements and suggestions to further improve the review process. Insights from these activities will help facilitate the safety review of civil structures for new reactor applications.


  • Brian Thomas, Branch Chief, Division of Engineering, NRO/NRC



  • Sunwoo Park, Structural Engineer, Division of Engineering, NRO/NRC tel: 301-415-2690, e-mail: Sunwoo.Park@nrc.gov
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