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TH31 Regulatory Changes That Would Improve the NRC Adjudicatory Process

Under the Atomic Energy Act, individuals who are directly affected by any licensing action involving a facility producing or utilizing nuclear materials can participate in a hearing before independent judges of NRC’s Atomic Safety and Licensing Board Panel (ASLBP). In 2004, the Commission made substantial changes to 10 CFR Part 2, which includes the regulations governing the hearing process. In 2012, the Commission made additional changes, while referring to a possible future comprehensive revision to Part 2. The ASLBP, the NRC Staff, and those outside the agency who participate in the hearing process now have substantial experience with the new rules, making this an appropriate time to explore whether there are areas where the regulations and the hearing process could be improved. In this session, a panel that will include an administrative judge and lawyers who represent the nuclear industry, public interest groups, and State, local, or Indian Tribe governments, will discuss the regulatory changes they believe would best contribute to improving the NRC’s hearing process.


  • Ronald Spritzer, Administrative Judge, Atomic Safety and Licensing Board Panel, ASLBP/NRC


  • Ronald Spritzer, Administrative Judge, Atomic Safety and Licensing Board Panel, ASLBP/NRC
  • An Administrative Judge's Perspective on Regulatory Changes that would Improve the NRC Adjudicatory Process
    Alan Rosenthal, Administrative Judge, ASLBP/NRC
  • An Intervenor's Perspective
    Richard Webster, Public Justice, PC
  • Nuclear Industry Perspective
    Ellen Ginsburg, Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary, Nuclear Energy Institute
  • Indian Tribe Perspective
    Philip R. Mahowald, General Counsel, Prairie Island Indian Community


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