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TH25 Research for Long-term Operations and Subsequent License Renewal

NRC regulations permit plants to apply for subsequent license renewal following the first license renewal period. The NRC is defining the framework needed to support regulatory decision making associated with applications for operation beyond 60 years. The nuclear power industry has been conducting research related to extending plant operations beyond 60 years. This research is aimed at understanding and predicting the aging mechanisms and defining aging mitigation approaches for systems, structures, and components (SSCs) exposed to long-term radiation and evaluated temperatures. This research seeks to provide the technical basis for the long-term operation of SSCs essential to the safe operation of nuclear power plants (NPPs) and for the NRC’s subsequent renewal of NPP licensees. This session also includes the international perspective and experience conducting periodic safety reviews on nuclear power plants.




  • Evelyn Gettys, Project Manager, Division of License Renewal, NRR/NRC tel: 301-415-4029, e-mail: Evelyn.Gettys@nrc.gov
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