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W20 Spent Fuel Safety

Events at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant prompted a comprehensive and detailed reanalysis of power reactor safety for U.S. licensees, including a review of existing wet and dry spent fuel storage practices for enhancements or consideration of different storage and mitigation strategies. The NRC’s involvement with the Government of Japan, Japan’s nuclear industry, international engineers and scientists, the U.S. nuclear industry, and other stakeholders has resulted in the issuance of two Orders specific to spent fuel pool defense-in-depth enhancements: EA-12-049, "Mitigating Strategies for Beyond-Design-Basis External Events," and EA-12-051, "Spent Fuel Pool Instrumentation." The NRC staff is also evaluating consideration of expedited transfer of spent fuel to dry storage as identified in SECY-11-0137, "Prioritization of Recommended Actions To Be Taken in Response to Fukushima Lessons Learned," Additional Recommendation No. 5. The panel will discuss lessons learned from seismic events, ordered enhancements to existing spent fuel pools, and considerations for future storage options with associated evaluations verifying or improving spent fuel storage safety.


  • Greg Casto, Branch Chief, Division of Safety Systems, NRR/NRC


  • Richard Daniel, Safety Culture Specialist, Office of Enforcement (OE)


  • Greg Casto, Branch Chief, Division of Safety Systems, NRR/NRC
  • Spent Fuel Pool Defense in Depth Strategies
    Steven Jones, Senior Reactor Systems Engineer, Division of Safety Systems, NRR/NRC
  • Expedited Movement of Spent Fuel into Dry Cask Storage
    Earl Easton, Senior Technical Advisor for Transportation, Division of Spent Fuel Storage and Transportation, NMSS/NRC
  • Expedited Transfer of Spent Fuel from Pools to Dry Casks: Costs and Timing
    Mary Lampert, Executive Director, Pilgrim Watch
  • The Case for Expedited Transfer of Spent Fuel to Dry Storage
    Gordon Thompson, Executive Director, Institute for Resource and Security Studies


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