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T12 International Capacity Building and Coordination: Nuclear Safety and Regulation Among New and Developed Nuclear Energy Programs

During this session, each panelist will speak about efforts in their country or organization to identify and develop capacity building activities with countries that have committed to new or expanding nuclear energy programs.  Although the number of countries interested in pursuing nuclear energy has decreased, there is increasing international recognition of the importance for capacity-building efforts and international coordination among nuclear regulators. 

For countries committed to pursuing new or expanding nuclear energy programs, the IAEA document, “Milestones in the Development of a National Infrastructure for Nuclear Power,” has traditionally served as the basis for infrastructure planning, training and capacity building.  The, “Milestones,” framework has been furthered through additional IAEA and Member State efforts.  These efforts include working to identify program needs in countries with new or emerging nuclear energy programs, and providing international training, workshops, guidance, and other assistance resources. 

In addition, countries that supply nuclear power plant (NPP) technology, or organizations associated with these countries, recognize the need to be involved in capacity building efforts and coordination with countries that are building NPPs for the first time.  This session will bring together representatives from the community to share their efforts coordinating with countries that are pursuing new or expanding nuclear energy programs.  Speakers will discuss what successes and challenges exist and future plans for identifying and enhancing capacity-building and coordination opportunities.




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