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Warren Odess-Gillett

Warren is a fellow engineer at Westinghouse Electric Company and has been in the nuclear digital I&C industry for over 30 years. His career began with Combustion Engineering in 1981 developing software for safety parameter display systems and plant computer systems.  In 1993 after ABB bought CE, Warren entered the world of safety-related digital I&C systems by developing software for a replacement safety system for monitoring inadequate core cooling. In 1999 Warren was selected to lead the software licensing and qualification for the Common Q Platform.  He developed the Common Q Software Program Manual which has been in use for over a decade. In 2000 when the Common Q Platform received its initial Safety Evaluation Report from the NRC, Warren lead the software team to develop the first Common Q Core Protection Calculator System for the Palo Verde units. After successful installation of the CPCS in all three units, Warren was selected to lead a software team to develop the protection and safety monitoring system for AP1000. Warren lead that team through the design and licensing process culminating in the final safety evaluation report for the AP1000. The AP1000 has completed rule making and is now being used as a reference for combined operating license applications. In August 2010 Warren has assumed the role of I&C licensing and lead the UK Generic Design Acceptance licensing for the AP1000 digital I&C safety system. The AP1000 received the interim design acceptance certificate from the UK regulator in 2011. Warren now consults on various digital I&C licensing efforts in Westinghouse including recertification of the Common Q Platform, the Watts Bar 2 PAMS implementation and the new Westinghouse Advance Logic System Platform. Warren is also the working group chair for IEEE 7-4.3.2.

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