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Dr. Jim Xu

Dr. Jim Xu is serving as a Senior Structural Engineer in the NRC Office of New Reactors, Division of Engineering.  Serving in this position since 2007, he has been involved in the safety review and evaluation of design certifications and combined license applications for new reactors. He is also actively involved in the development of staff guidance.

Dr. Xu earned a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering and has 27 years of nuclear experience.  He began his professional career working for Transnuclear Inc. as a structural engineer.  He subsequently spent 20 years at Brookhaven National Laboratory as scientist working on research related to seismic design and nuclear safety, and performing technical reviews for the NRC and the DOE. He is an active member of ASCE 1 and ASCE 4 working groups, and a member of ASCE National Nuclear Standard Committee. Dr. Xu has authored more than 80 publications.

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