United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission - Protecting People and the Environment

Mike Rinker

Mike Rinker is a geochemist with more than 15 years experience investigating and assessing environmental risk from uranium mining projects, fuel fabrication facilities, nuclear power plants and waste facilities.

Mike began his career consulting for the mining sector and nuclear sector in Canada and also provided technical support to Canadian projects overseas – such as the an assessment of the risks of arsenic exposure in drinking water to the people of Bangladesh.

Currently, Mike is the director of the “Environmental Risk Assessment Division” of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission.  In this capacity Mike overseas a team of geochemists, geotechnical engineers, groundwater modelers, radio-ecologists, and aquatic and terrestrial biologists who assess the risk of the Canadian nuclear industry to the environment. This regulatory work is conducted to support the CNSC’s mandate to ensure that the nuclear industry in Canada provides adequate measures for the protection of the environment.

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