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T6  International Panel Discussion on Assessing Environmental Risk from Radioactive Releases

Practitioners in radiation protection focus heavily on evaluating and quantifying the impacts of radioactive material on human health.  Recent direction by some U.S. Federal and international regulatory programs and in technical guidance suggests that radiation protection of nonhuman targets needs to be more rigorous and based on site-specific data and monitoring.  Therefore, this session has the following objectives:

  • Identify domestic and international ground water monitoring and modeling tools used to quantify environmental risk from radioactive releases.
  • Explore the benefits of quantitatively assessing radiological consequences to nonhuman targets.
  • Understand the state-of-the-science in quantitative ecological risk assessment for radioactive releases.

A panel of national and international practitioners will present short papers and participate in a roundtable discussion evaluating the impacts of radioactive material on nonhuman and environmental resource targets. The session will do the following:

  • Provide case examples in which human health was secondary to environmental protection for radioactive material.
  • Describe methods used to quantify resource (e.g., ground water) degradation.
  • Discuss the need to update present-day dose criteria for the protection of plants and animals.
  • Provide case examples of ecological risk assessments for radioactive releases.


Thomas Nicholson, Sr. Technical Advisor, Division of Risk Analysis, NRC/RES



Steven Schaffer, Sr. Health Physicist, Division of Systems Analysis, NRC/RES, tel: 301-251-7473, e-mail: Steven.Schaffer@nrc.gov

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