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T5 Mandatory Hearings at the NRC - Perspectives from Participants and Decision-Makers

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission held its first Part 52 mandatory hearing September 27-28, 2011 on the application by Southern Nuclear Operating Company for COLs to build and operate two AP1000 reactors at the Vogtle site southeast of Augusta, Georgia. On October 12 and 13, the Commission held its second mandatory hearing on an application for COLs to build and operate two new reactors at the V.C. Summer site near Jenkinsville, South Carolina.

In this session, a panel of participants and decision-makers share their perspectives on the Commission's mandatory hearing process. The goal of the mandatory hearing process is to determine whether the NRC staff's safety and environmental reviews have been adequate to support the necessary regulatory findings. The participants include an experienced Applicant's counsel, a representative of the NRC's Office of General Counsel, as well as administrative judges from the Atomic Safety and Licensing Board Panel who have presided at non-COL mandatory hearings. They will explore numerous practical issues associated with the mandatory hearing process at the NRC.

This session will provide a rare insight into the mandatory hearing process, as well as perspectives from both participants and decision-makers. While not addressing the merits of any specific mandatory hearing, the panel will share their views on what makes an effective and efficient mandatory hearing.


William Froehlich, Administrative Judge, NRC/ASLBP



SherVerne Cloyd, NRC/ASLBP, tel: 301-415-6504, e-mail: William.Froehlich@nrc.gov

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