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TH28 Thermal-Hydraulic and Severe Accident Research Experience)

The session will focus primarily on the NRC's efforts to address current issues in the areas of thermal hydraulics and severe accidents, including experimental and analytical tool development programs. In particular, presenters will discuss the following topics:

  • The NRC's use of computational fluid dynamics codes
  • Use of SCALE to generate neutrons cross sections libraries in support of PARCS/TRACE reactor analysis activities
  • Coupled calculation in TRACE-PARCS code
  • MELCOR, the severe accident code
  • Overview of DOE's thermal-hydraulics modeling and simulation R&D within the Consortium for Advanced Simulation of LWRs (CASL)


Michael Scott, Deputy Director, Division of Systems Analysis, NRC/RES



Antony Calvo, Information Technology Specialist, Division of Systems Analysis, NRC/RES, tel: 301-251-7677, e-mail: Antony.Calvo@nrc.gov

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