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TH24 New Reactors Licensed under 10 CFR Part 52: The End Game—Coordinating Rules, Licenses, and Mandatory Hearings

This session will share recent challenges and experiences encountered during the integration of essentially simultaneous rulemaking, licensing, and hearing processes to support decisions that would permit the commencement of safety-related construction for new reactors licensed under 10 CFR Part 52, "Licenses, Certifications, and Approvals for Nuclear Power Plants." Representatives from design organizations, combined license applicants, and the NRC staff will provide individual perspectives on their "first time" through the new licensing process.


David Matthews, Director, Division of New Reactor Licensing, NRC/NRO



Donna Williams, Technical Assistant, NRC/NRO, tel: 301-415-1322, e-mail: Donna.Williams@nrc.gov

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