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TH22 Fire Protection-Regulatory and Industry Perspectives on NFPA 805 and Circuit Analysis

This session will cover important fire protection program efforts for operating nuclear power plants. Part of the session will discuss NRC staff observations on the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 805, "Performance-Based Standard for Fire Protection for Light Water Reactor Electric Generating Plants," license amendment requests received and an industry perspective on the preparation and submittal of an NFPA 805 license amendment request. The session will also describe the results and lessons learned from the NFPA 805 pilot inspection at Shearon Harris Nuclear Power Plant. Another part of the session will discuss staff and industry efforts to bring the fire-induced circuit failures issue (i.e., multiple spurious operations) to closure by the November 2012 end date for enforcement discretion.


Alex Klein, Branch Chief, Division of Risk Assessment, NRC/NRR



Alayna Pearson , Fire Protection Engineer, Division of Risk Assessment, NRC/NRR, tel: 301-415-1096, e-mail: Alayna.Pearson@nrc.gov

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