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W20 Small Modular Reactors: A Discussion of Safety, Security, Environmental, and Economic Issues from a Variety of Viewpoints

The NRC anticipates receiving design applications for small modular reactors (SMRs) from multiple vendors within the next several years.  The integral pressurized water reactor (iPWR) is a type of SMR for which vendors plan to submit applications in the near term.  These vendors are proposing designs with various unique and innovative features and using approaches unfamiliar to the NRC and its stakeholders.  This technical session will facilitate a discussion among a variety of stakeholders on several aspects of iPWR designs, such as physical security, the economics of SMRs versus other technologies, the safety of SMR designs, environmental impacts, system operations, U.S. manufacturing impacts, and the applicability of SMRs to countries with emerging nuclear programs.  The technical session presentations will represent several diverse viewpoints.


Stephanie Coffin, Deputy Director, Division of Advanced Reactors and Rulemaking, NRC/NRO



Jan Mazza, Project Manager, Division of Advanced Reactors and Rulemaking, NRC/NRO, tel: 301-415-0498, e-mail: Jan.Mazza@nrc.gov

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