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W14  The Applicability and Use of Third-Party Information for Operating Reactors

Third parties frequently release new reports that relate to the NRC's mission (e.g., the Army Corps of Engineers revises flood level estimates, affecting several plants; the U.S. Geological Survey releases the results of new seismic measures).  This session will discuss how licensees and the NRC are expected to evaluate new, third-party information that could affect the safety of nuclear plants.  It will include discussions of which regulations and processes apply and how issues of third-party information have been handled in the past.  The discussion will represent both industry and NRC perspectives.


Michael Markley, Branch Chief, Division of Operating Reactor Licensing, NRC/NRR


Andrew Hon, Project Manager, Division of Policy and Rulemaking, NRC/NRR, tel: 301-415-8480, e-mail: Andrew.Hon@nrc.gov

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