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W11 Decommissioning Planning, Including Funding Assurance: A Discussion on Policies and Practices for Implementing the Decommissioning Planning and License Termination Rules; Regulatory Guides 4.21 and 4.22

This session will examine the current issues, policies, and practices associated with decommissioning. It will address funding and the lessons learned during decommissioning funding reviews and examine implementation issues for the Decommissioning Planning Rule issued in June 2011.

The Decommissioning Planning Rule extends the minimization of contamination provisions of the License Termination Rule (10 CFR 20.1406(a-b)) from applicants to operating licensees.

Regulatory Guide 4.21, "Minimization of Contamination and Radioactive Waste Generation: Life-Cycle Planning," provides guidance to applicants. Regulatory Guide 4.22, "Decommissioning Planning during Operations," provides guidance to licensees. This session will discuss both of these regulatory guides and how to transition from the first to the second.

The session will also address the status of NRC activity to determine the appropriate regulatory actions to ensure that licensees remediate significant radiological contamination in a timely manner. This will include an explanation of the NRC rulemaking process.


Thomas Fredrichs, Sr. Level Advisor for Licensee Financial Policy, Division of Inspection and Regional Support, NRC/NRR and James Shepherd, Project Engineer, Division of Waste Management and Environmental Protection, NRC/FSME



Shawn Harwell, Financial Analyst, Division of Inspection and Regional Support, NRC/NRR, tel: 301-415-1309, e-mail: Shawn.Harwell@nrc.gov

Kosmas Lois, Financial Analyst, Division of Inspection and Regional Support, NRC/NRR, tel: 301-415-8341, e-mail: Kosmas.Lois@nrc.gov

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