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Susan Jablonski

Susan Jablonski is currently the Director of the Radioactive Materials Division at the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). She manages Texas’ regulatory programs for various radioactive materials licensing and underground injection control (UIC) permitting and authorizations. Specific programs under her direction are as follows: the disposal of commercial radioactive waste, including low-level radioactive waste, by-product material and NORM; source material (uranium) recovery; commercial radioactive waste storage and processing; and Class I, III, and V UIC wells. Susan is a health physicist and a professional engineer. She has extensive experience working with environmental and radiological monitoring, radiochemistry, environmental engineering, waste characterization, and the management and disposal of radioactive material. She previously served as the Director of Health Physics of the Texas Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Authority until transferring to the TCEQ.

Susan received her undergraduate degree in Radiological Health Engineering administered by the Texas A&M University Nuclear Engineering Department and her graduate degree from the University of Texas at Austin in Environmental Health Engineering. She has testified in legal proceedings as an expert witness and has served as a liaison and resource witness to the Texas Legislature and the United States Congress. She serves as the TCEQ Radiation Program Officer. She has been designated by the Governor as the Texas representative on the national Low-Level Radioactive Waste Forum.

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